Tired of begging your dancers to point their feet? Using science-based TAGdance™ principles, take the frustration out of the dance environment — for your students and yourself! Discover how to create an interactive learning environment where dancers of all ages and disciplines are motivated and will work HARD to meet the criteria you set. Learn to break down and build strong technical skills that dancers will recall and repeat again and again.

TAGdance™ is bringing a positive revolution to dance studios worldwide. TAGdance was formed to provide a speed link through which the dance community can benefit from all that the remarkable TAGteach methodology has to offer. TAGdance designs learning materials and support products useful to the dance community developed by TAGteach International co-founder and veteran dance studio owner, Beth Wheeler.

TAGteach™ is a ground-breaking, science-based technology that provides a clear, systematic protocol for accelerated learning, a method for generating sustained enthusiasm (avoiding burnout) and a principled, all-positive learning system applicable to students at every skill and educational level.

TAG is an acronym for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. The TAG system clarifies the critical information students and athletes need to learn and acquire new skills. A marker, often sound-based, is used to indicate correct performance. These achievements are positively reinforced thus causing success to recur. The focused, positive nature of this method yields immediate and stunning results that are clearly evident to teachers, students, and parents.

Who Can Benefit?

TAGteach has been used successfully to educate competitive gymnasts, dancers, amateur and professional athletes and Special Olympians. It is used in corporate, medical and therapeutic offices as well as in mainstream and special education classrooms, performing arts studios and on sports fields and job sites throughout the world. Click here to learn more about TAGteach applications.

“I don’t know how I taught without it!” — Sarah, dance teacher

“The (TAGdance) CD is absolutely full of useable information. I’m so excited to get started!” — from a QC survey

“Loved the video clips!! Very helpful to see so many examples...” — from a QC survey

“The sound of the TAG helps me make a picture in my brain, so I can find the right position again on my own.” — Henry, ballet student, age 11

“I learn more when I TAG my friends in class. It’s like I can ‘see’ what they’re supposed to do in my head. When it’s my turn, I know exactly what to do too. It’s awesome!” — Heather, competitive dancer, age 12

“It makes assisting easier. I used to feel like a dork just standing there not knowing what to do. I know I’m actually helping them learn… It’s cool.” — Jessie, teacher’s apprentice, age 14