Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the TAGdance method?

TAGdance offers an end to frustration in the studio — for everyone. The TAGdance method provides a unique information delivery system presented via a scientifically backed all-positive process. This process allows for a studio environment where teachers, dancers, and their parents can see clear improvement immediately — free from nagging, (perceived) yelling, or endless explanation. Your teachers will be happy, your dancers will be inspired, your dance parents will be thrilled, and your studio will thrive.

The parents complain that they don’t understand why their kids aren’t in the advanced classes. Does TAGdance address this?

TAGdance provides a tangible tracking system. Many programs successfully use this to design and set goals for student level placement.

I have this one dancer who just doesn’t get it no matter what I try. Would TAGdance work on her?

TAGdance allows all students to focus on just one thing at a time, enabling incremental success — time and again.

I have a couple of whiz kids who feel that they’re constantly waiting while I explain things to their classmates. Does TAGdance have an answer?

TAGdance utilizes Peer Tagging (students tag each other) to keep all dancers fully participating at all times. Both the “tagger” and the “taggee” greatly benefit from the experience as both are wholly involved in the learning process.

I often worry that my teachers will leave and the kids will follow. Can TAGdance help?

TAGdance provides a studio-wide system that you can use to strengthen your studio brand. Once all of your teachers are using the TAGdance method, your studio will be known for its consistently high quality of positive-based education. Parents will identify this overall high quality with the studio not with an individual teacher. Additionally, teachers who work in such a positive environment tend to be happier and it is far less likely that they will look to become your competition.

Why do I need to use a tagger? Isn’t saying “good” good enough?

The human voice delivers many social implications. Add to that the accompanying body language paired with even your most enthusiastic verbal response, and your students quickly become confused; questioning the true meaning of what you say. “Hmm, she threw her arms up in the air when she said ‘good’ last time, this time she just smiled. Was last time better than this time…?” The tagger provides clarity and consistency. It always means “yes.” read more… And, the truth is, we don’t encourage you to use the tagger all of the time. (About 15 minutes per class is a good balance.) We do, however, encourage you to use the TAGdance methodology throughout all of your classes, and indeed, throughout your life outside of the studio.

I really don’t want to change the way I teach, how involved is this?

TAGdance implements seamlessly into your current syllabi and works with all movement styles. You may utilize as much or as little of the TAGdance method and its tools and techniques as you wish. Of course, the more you use, the more effective we feel you’ll be. That said, simply rephrasing the way you present instructions to your dancers will result in immediately positive results.

Why should I purchase the TAGdance Instructional CD Set?

Aside from the fact that it’s jam-packed with useful information including in-depth TAGdance instruction, TAGdance Pre-school and Primary lesson plans, piles of unstaged video examples and solid business advice. The TAGdance Instructional CD Set was designed as an inexpensive alternative to full certification. Teachers can learn about TAGdance on their own time and at their own pace; without the high cost of travel and lodging that seminar attendance can incur. Further, teachers can use and re-use the CD Set in the studio itself to share with students and fellow teachers.