We’re thrilled to share your interest in dance education and in creating (or reviving!) an educational environment free from frustration for all. Yes, we’re talking about removing your frustration too! How, you many wonder, will TAGdance do that? Read on...

Peer Tagging in Action — Everyone’s Learning!

Students learn to identify and reinforce correct actions.
The TAG Point is… toe touches inside of knee.

TAGdance™ has studio owners and teachers raving:

“I can’t believe how simple this is to use. I just TAG and the kids get it.”

— Melody, age 15 teacher’s apprentice

“TAGteach is the only thing that keeps this rambunctious group of four-year-olds pulled together….and I’ve tried everything.”

— Sarah Cook, teacher, A Dancer’s Dream, Marblehead, MA

“I’ve been able to add more students to each class…. TAGteach has them so completely focused — we get so much more done without any nagging and our teachers love it!”

— Lynsey Dorsett, studio owner,
Expressions Dance Studio,
College Station, Texas