Teacher Spotlight Award Winners

The TAGdance Teacher Spotlight recognizes teachers within the dance community who “TAG, don’t nag!” in their approach to teaching and are a source of inspiration to us all. Teaching (life!) can be challenging and it’s easy to “lose it” in frustration. Here’s to the teachers who have found positive approaches to inspiring student success!

September 2007

Sarah Cook
A Dancer’s Dream, Marblehead, MA

Miss Sarah was frustrated that her primary dancers would often mix up their shoes in her combo classes. Instead of scolding, she simply thought of a positive way to resolve the problem. Sarah used sentence strips (available at any school supply store) to create shoe strips for her dancers. (Cutting the sentence strips into thirds makes them just the right size). The strips are lined up along one wall inside the studio and each dancer’s name appears on their shoe strip. As they enter class, the dancers place their shoes on their name. No more mix ups! The shoe strips also work wonderfully as a spot to assemble all of the stickers the dancers earn throughout class!

Teacher Spotlight Nominations

We know there are many “taggy” teachers in the dance community and we want to hear about and share them with you! If you know of any teachers that you feel encompass the TAGdance philosophy, please send us their name and contact info along with a brief (under 200 words) explanation of why you feel they should be considered for the TAGdance Teacher Spotlight. Be sure to also include your full name and address as all submissions will receive a gift from TAGdance!
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