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First TAGteach Instructional Video Release!

Boston, MA — November 17, 2005 — The TAGdance Instructional CD Set has just been released! If you’re an educator looking to enhance your capabilities and qualifications, here’s your chance to learn a cutting-edge technique on your own schedule. The TAGdance Instructional CD Set is the first product available to outline the groundbreaking methodology of TAGteach, a positive approach to instruction that yields stunning, immediate results and will forever change the way you teach. The comprehensive 3-CD format uses a wide spectrum of examples in the field of dance to illustrate the powerful principles that are equally effective when applied to a range of disciplines within coaching, teaching, and educational environments.

TAGteach Announces Formation of Advisory Board

Boston, MA — September 12, 2005 — Heralded figures from fields of behavior and education to initiate TAGteach Advisory Board. Five distinguished scientists and educators have agreed to provide advice and counsel to TAGteach International as the organization grows. The Advisory Board members were all attendees of the TAGteach two-day seminar presented at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts, in October of 2004.

TAGteach Highlight of ABA National Conference

Boston, MA (PRWEB) — June 7, 2004 — TAGteach International created quite a buzz at the annual Association for Behavioral Analysis conference held in Boston this past weekend. Lifetime achievement award recipient, Murray Sidman, Ph.D., and former ABA president Henry Pennypacker, Ph.D., commented that TAGteach™ was the “highlight of the conference,” and “a turning point in education.” Word spread quickly through the 3,000 attendees that grown men were literally weeping as they watched videos of children successfully and joyfully achieving once unattainable skills through this revolutionary all-positive method.

TAGteach International LLC Launches Newer, Faster Teaching Methods for Coaches and Teachers

Boston, MA — May 21, 2004 — Karen Pryor, a leading behavioral scientist, author, and pioneer in the field of positive reinforcement learning, announced today that she has joined with the founders of the TAGteach™ method to develop and promote the company’s revolutionary teaching system. TAGteach International will offer training seminars in the Boston area in July and October.