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TAGdance Multimedia Instructional CD Set

Here's a sneak peak of what’s on the CD:

If you are a dance educator looking to enhance your capabilities and qualifications, here is your chance to do that on your own time. This groundbreaking instructional method of teaching, branded TAGteach, has transformed our very busy studio into a quieter and gentler place. The whole idea is "Tag, don't nag!" Little ears perk up listening for the click that lets them know they did the move correctly. Kids think it's fun. Teachers love it. Parents are truly blown away. This amazing CD set (with footage, lesson plans, study guides, and real-life examples) is a must for certification preparation. As well, it gives you everything you need to immediately and positively transform your own classes and studio. Don't delay. Order Now


The Tagger is a key communication tool used in TAGteach. The sharp acoustic sound marks a moment in time for the learner and communicates a clear binary message that (combined with TAGteach’s positive reinforcement methods) implies ‘YES, do THAT again!’. Our Taggers come in a variety of wild translucent jewel tones and are available singly or in sets. All Taggers come assorted. Order Now


The TAGulator™ — An ingenious (and very cool) way to keep track of the many TAGs your students will earn! Students love to see a physical representation of their accomplishments and are motivated by the simple act of moving a bead down to the “I did it” end of the TAGulator. Simply give a gentle tug on one of the uniquely strung colorful beads and you have an instant TAG tally. Combine two or more strings together and create an abacus style counter. TAGulators are portable and can be easily worn on belt loops, backpacks, wrists or lay safely on tabletops. Tagulators come in both 10 and 20 bead counters and are available singly or in class packs. Order Now